My vision for the next four years are to maintain the high level of integrity that we have for our office.  We will continue to hire those that are trained well and represent the office in the best light.  We will hold all employees accountable to our policies and laws.

We will continue to work with our community on topics that are important to them.  Every person has different priorities and we will do our best to help them with issues that pertain to them.  If they need guidance on neighborhood watch groups, or as a victim of crime, or just need guidance, we will be there to help them.

I also would like to start a Community Advisory Committee and work with community members to address concerns in their townships.  Or if there are topics within the sheriff's office that need to be talked about, we can address it there as well. Members are kept informed about significant safety matters in their neighborhoods and are encouraged to bring any issues or questions to the attention of local law enforcement.  I would like to see Neighborhood Watch groups start up again and this would be a great partnership with the Community Advisory Committee.

Mental health also continues to be a major crisis.  In 2021, I started a mental health check in that is mandatory for all deputies and optional for dispatch and jail.  This resource has proven very valuable while our staff face critical incidents daily.  It is a tool for them to use so that we can help our staff before they have problems.  

In addition to this program, I would like to partner with additional mental health partners in our community.  We are responding to multiple calls a day for people in a mental health crisis.  Law enforcement is not equipped to provide the services that they need, and we do not have enough professionals to help them when they need it.  That means that some of these people go untreated and continue to struggle with mental illness.  I want to find more professionals, such as faith based, veterans and mental health partners, that can respond to assist enforcement or follow up soon after so people get the help they need when they need it.  

If you have other ideas for topics that are a concern to you, please feel free to reach out.